X-Press OnDemand EasyWorkflow Download

EasyWorkflow is incredibly easy to use.

It has an impressive list of features:

    1. One click Imposition
    2. Easy to use digital numbering
    3. Wide range of Numbering & Stacking Options
    4. Impose Proofs
    5. Impose Magazines and Booklets (vertical or horizontal fold)
    6. Impose to a Media Roll using Best-Fit Logic
    7. Generate Barcodes
    8. Generate QR codes for URLs
    9. Convert Images to PDFs (tif, jpg, png, psd)
    10. Convert PDF pages to Images
    11. Scale PDFs to any size, Up or Down*
    12. Rotate PDFs in 90 degree increments
    13. Split PDFs
    14. Combine PDFs
    15. Merge PDFs in sequence
    16. Explode PDFs
    17. Add Blank Pages to existing PDFs
    18. Create a new blank PDF*
    19. Add CMYK background colour to PDF
    20. Auto add crop marks to existing PDF Trim Box*
    21. Add booklet spine creep based on paper stock weight.
    22. Add bleed and crop marks to existing PDF
    23. Remove Crops and Bleed from existing PDF
    24. Impose to fixed gutters, horizontal and vertical
    25. Add variable data – images, text, barcodes and QR codes
    26. Save and Restore Variable Data Settings for Popular Jobs.
    27. Add unlimited numbers to any page in a multi-page PDF
    28. Generate Free-Form PDFs for use with RIPs, including Fiery RIP
    29. Stacking Options to match front and back pages
    30. Buster Numbering Option
    31. Apply Colour Profile
    32. Add trim box to PDF or re-position existing trim box
    33. ‘Number’ with ‘Rolling Letters’ & Numbers
    34. NEW – Create decimal number sequence
    35. NEW – Reverse PDF document page order
    36. NEW – Extract any PDF page from document x number of times.
    37. REPOSITION  pdf page content in any direction by x distance
  • Max allowed PDF dimensions are approx. 5m x 5m
  • If Trim Box is not present, the Crop Box will be used


Download the latest version of X-Press On Demand EasyWorkflow below.


Note that this version is for Windows 64 bit computers.

Download X-Press OnDemand EasyWorkflow for Windows PC

WINDOWS DOWNLOAD 32 Bit (for older Windows computers)

Note that this version is for Windows 32 bit computers.

Download X-Press OnDemand EasyWorkflow 32 for Windows PC


Apple trial version is suitable for Apple computers 10.8+

Download X-Press OnDemand EasyWorkflow for Apple Mac

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